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To be a successful mine safety and health professional, you must possess a wealth of professional knowledge and experience to effectively perform your duties and keep others safe. The Certified Mine Safety Professional (CMSP) credential indicates to your peers and prospective employers that you have the experience, knowledge of domestic and international best practices and that you are dedicated to elevating safety and health standards on the job.

August 24, 2019 | Denver, CO
Application Deadline: July 31, 2019
Held at SME Headquarters.

October 21, 2019 | Reno, NV
Application Deadline: September 30, 2019
Held in conjunction with the Mine Health and Safety Conference.

October 26, 2019 | Pittsburgh, PA
Application Deadline: September 30, 2019
Held in conjunction with the PCMIA/SME Pittsburgh Joint Annual Conference.



Eligibility Requirement

To become a CMSP, you must:

  • Have ten (10) years of mining experience, two of which must have been in mine safety/health*
  • Be currently employed in a mining safety/health position*
  • Pass a 100-question exam
  • Pledge to abide by the CMSP Code of Conduct

*Degrees from accredited institutions may be substituted for experience. See the CMSP application or CMSP Candidate Handbook for more information on documentation that must accompany your application.



Exam Content & Reference List

The content of the CMSP exam is based on the Body of Knowledge developed by the International Academy of Mine Safety & Health of SME (IAMSH of SME) and other industry subject matter experts. The exam covers both domestic and international best practices. The Body of Knowledge covers five primary domains including:

  # of exam questions
Fundamental Knowledge of Science 10
Leadership, Organization 15
Safety, Health & Risk Management 50
Management Systems, Regulations & Assurance 15
Professional Skills, Conduct & Ethics 10


Download CMSP Body of Knowledge  Download CMSP Exam References




Fees to sit for the CMSP exam are as follows:

  • $650 - SME Member
  • $950 - SME Nonmember

Payment must be received with your application. If you are not approved to sit for the CMSP exam, you will only be charged a $150 application fee.



Candidate Handbook

Detailed information on the CMSP program including exam date and location, eligibility requirements, exam content and reference list, fees, policies and more can be found here.

Candidate Handbook




The CMSP certification was designed in 1991 by a group of mining health and safety professionals who were committed to developing a bond for mine safety practitioners with a focus on education, group learning, and fostering innovation to achieve new and effective safety methods. SME acquired the responsibility for the CMSP credential in 2016. The new CMSP certification expands the accredited Body of Knowledge to include safety and health issues. The program is now administered by IAMSH of SME.



Top Reasons to Become a CMSP

  1. Advance Your Career: Position yourself with a credential focused on your passion as a mine safety and health practitioner.
  2. Enhance Your Knowledge: Make a commitment continuing education and continuous improvement.
  3. Stand Out: Stand out as a leader among your peers.
  4. Share Your Expertise: Help others and share best practices at events exclusively for health and safety practitioners.
  5. Improve Mine Safety & Health: Raise the bar of professionalism by effectively performing your duties and continuing to improve mine safety and health standards.