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Jo D Coy


What is your role in mine safety and health, and how long have you been in this arena?

I am a safety trainer, Owner/Manager of JoSAFETY LLC. I have been in the mining industry since 1988. Starting out as an Office Manager in a local quarry, then on to Certified QC Technician and then Area Safety Manager. I have been Owner/Manager of JoSAFETY since 2009 and in that role I provide safety training and consulting services to large and small mining operations.

The Interview

What excites you about mine safety and health? What personal achievements in mine safety and health have made you proud?

What excites me; some of the technology that is being introduced that can assist miners is being safe. The CMSP was a big accomplishment for me. Also, I’m proud that I’ve had the longevity in the industry and that I think is by staying up to date and educated on current and evolving issues.

What made you decide to pursue the CMSP credential?

I had been in the industry for quite some time before deciding on pursuing the CMSP and it was based on having my own training and consulting business. I wanted the credentials that stood for Professionalism, knowledge, integrity, and the respect of peers.

How do you think the CMSP credential is important for: The industry? Employers? Certificants? Communities around mining sites and/or communities in general?

I think the importance of the CMSP for the Certificants is having that validation or recognition of peers. It’s important for employers looking for an applicant that’s serious about their mining career, that they take safety of the work environment and coworkers seriously. I’m not sure the CMSP is recognized in all mining communities, I am from the Midwest area and I don’t hear it mentioned a lot.

Many studies show that certified individuals tend to outperform non-certified individuals – do you agree with this in terms of mine safety and health?

I’m not sure I believe this. I think it is a personal drive in wanting to take your career to another level or how you perform. Many Miners are very competent and outstanding at what they do and are not concerned with certifications.

Certifications are tied to objective demonstrations of competence. Does your company actively promote a culture of competence?

Yes on the competence.

What does it say about a mining operation when “CMSP preferred” is included in job listings? Does the CMSP credential assist with job security and mobility? What opportunities exist for CMSPs that aren’t so easily open to non-credential holders?

I think when a mining operation states “CMSP preferred” they are looking for someone that already has experience and knowledge, that they are serious about their job and safety and thinking that candidate would make a great addition to their workforce.

What do you hope the future holds for yourself and for mine safety and health?

For mine safety and health, I hope the future offers some consistencies in enforcement and that we don’t lose sight of personal safety.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this field?

Learn all you can learn; listen to peers and ASK a lot of questions. It is a unique and interesting field to be in.

What is the best way to prepare for the CMSP exam?

Study and have the background or work experience.

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