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Read more about current Certified Mine Safety Professionals and how receiving this credential took their mine safety career to the next step.

Lannie Hoosier

President, Mine Safety International

What is your role in mine safety and health, and how long have you been involved in this arena?

I am the President of Mine Safety International, I have been in the Safety industry for 16 years.

The Interview

What excites you about mine safety and health? What personal achievements in mine safety and health have made you proud?

I am excited to be able to have some impact on shaping the future of mining. My achievement that I’m most proud of is starting my own safety firm.

What made you decide to pursue the CMSP credential?

I felt that it would give me a clear advantage in my chosen field.

How do you think the CMSP credential is important for: The industry? Employers? Certificants? Communities around mining sites and/or communities in general?

I feel that this certification gives a legitimacy to those professionals tasked with mine safety. I feel that having a standard to judge from helps both the industry and employers.

Many studies show that certified individuals tend to outperform non-certified individuals – do you agree with this in terms of mine safety and health?

I do believe that it does. It is a level of achievement that one should be proud of. Those who are proud of what they represent will always do better than peers who do not.

Certifications are tied to objective demonstrations of competence. Does your company actively promote a culture of competence?

I expect only the best from my employees.

What does it say about a mining operation when “CMSP preferred” is included in job listings? Does the CMSP credential assist with job security and mobility? What opportunities exist for CMSPs that aren’t so easily open to non-credential holders?

I feel that companies who prefer CMSP certification are placing a higher standard on their preferred candidates. I feel that the CMSP does help with job security and mobility.

What do you hope the future holds for yourself and for mine safety and health?

I hope to become more influential as my career and outreach continues.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in this field?

Learn and always pursue the very best.

What is the best way to prepare for the CMSP exam?

Take the prep class.

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